Holidays Santeodoro

Place for an unforgettable holiday

Spend your holiday in San Teodoro with stunning scenery, pearly white beaches and 40 km of pristine coastline! That's the ideal place for unforgettable experiencies.

Our facilities strategically placed, are perfect for those who want to relax, being always centrally located.

40KM coastline
500points of interest

Why San Teodoro

1. History of the City
The city of San Teodoro was born in 1959.Part of the nearby Posada since the XIV century and that's where the Feudalism started . This jurisdiction survived also after the abolition of the Sardinian feudal system by the Savoy's House. Always part of the diocese of Tempio and result of many cultures , nowadays you can feel the desire for autonomy by the local inhabitants.
2. Coast and Beaches
With its 14 white sand beaches and almost 40 Km coastline and cristalline water, San Teodoro is one of the most attractive place in the entire north-east Sardinia. "La Cinta" the most famous beach binds Cala D'Ambra and L'Isuledda to the charming and unspoilt Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu part of the Tavolara marine park.You might also find other points of interest such as Cala Girgolu, Le Vacche and La Tartaruga.
3. More than simply sea
From the top of Monti Nieddu peak, about 970 mt above the level of the sea you can admire the whole town.Mainly granite stone typical of the Gallura's landscape, it is a popular attraction either for trekking lovers or mountain bikers. You can enjoy a day surrounded by nature, discovering the typical cork forest and the evocative waterfalls of Rio Caccianova with the beatiful natural pools.
4. Nightlife
San Teodoro offers a relaxing "sun and sea" atmosphere and a lively nightlife with restaurants and nightclubs. Enjoy your evenings choosing what suits you between the diffferent events organised: a pool-party or an evening with international DJs!

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